Divorce is an unfortunate reality for many couples and can be especially complicated and heartbreaking when children are involved.  Parents of children with special needs, however, face additional challenges.  While custody and child support issues are typically addressed in divorce proceedings, parents of children with special needs and their divorce attorneys must also consider, among

Following a divorce, you should carefully review your estate plan to ensure that your former spouse will not receive any unintended distributions from your estate.  Unless otherwise required by the terms of the divorce, you should revise your Will to remove your ex-spouse as a beneficiary.  You also should update beneficiary designations for any non-probate

Earlier this month, the New Jersey Appellate Division, in Hadfield v. Lillo, held that a decedent’s ex-spouse was not entitled to the proceeds of a life insurance policy where the decedent, after obtaining a divorce, failed to change the beneficiary designation of a life insurance policy on his life. This case represents a fairly straightforward