The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (“IDEA”) requires public schools to develop an Individualized Education Program for every student with a disability who is found to meet the federal and state requirements for special education.  IDEA requires that when an Individualized Education Program team is deciding where a student will receive his or her special

Lori Wolf, a Member of the Tax, Trusts & Estates Department of Cole Schotz, will speak at the JCC of New Jersey’s Special Needs Symposium on February 13, 2011.  This symposium is for families, educators and professionals with an interest in special needs issues and topics.  Pre-registration is required.  Please visit for more information.

New Jersey’s residents with special needs will benefit from the new $787 billion stimulus plan, signed by President Obama on February 17th.

New Jersey expects to receive $2.2 billion for its Medicaid program – a program that has been severely stressed as the economy has faltered. According to the Department of Health and Senior Services