A letter of intent provides the caregivers of a child with special needs a roadmap for taking care of that child. A letter of intent gives the parent a forum to communicate his or her wishes and concerns regarding a child as well as to set forth important information that will ease the transition of that child’s care to other family members at a parent’s death.

A letter of intent lists vital contact information such as the names and addresses of doctors, specialists and other caregivers. As importantly, a letter of intent also allows the parent to elaborate on the likes and dislikes of a child, such as food preferences, and daily schedules, such as bedtime routines. A letter of intent is helpful both to caregivers of a child and the trustees of a special needs trust.

A letter of intent is not a legal document – instead, it is a document prepared by a parent describing in detail any information that a parent feels is important for a potential caregiver to know about his or her child. Parents should update their letter of intent at least every year to make sure that all information is current and relevant.

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